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by × October 1, 2014 ×

Easy Homemade Mayo (plus two super-useful food processor tips)

I like mayonnaise. I like to dip things in mayonnaise, and I can make all kinds of quick dressing and sauces out of it. But store-bought mayonnaise is made with cheap, industrial byproduct oils like soybean or canola, as well as preservatives and stabilizers – the stuff you can’t pronounce. No thank you! Avoiding unhealthy fats is one of my key strategies for recovery and health. (That and bone broth!)

Apparently people get intimidated at the idea of making mayonnaise, but I’m here to show you it is really, really easy. Ready?

This is all you need:


1 fresh egg
2 tablespoons of lemon juice (in a pinch use mild vinegar like white or apple cider)
A hit of mustard powder (1/4-1/2 teaspoon)
1 cup or a little less of cold pressed, naturally refined avocado oil or macadamia nut oil or olive oil*
salt and pepper to taste

*Refined avocado oil will you give you the most neutral, mayonnaise-y flavor. You do need to make sure that your avocado oil is “naturally” refined, meaning that no chemical solvents were used in the refining process. (Please note that refined oils – even avocado – may not be your healthiest choice. Read more here.) Another option, macadamia nut oil, will you give a nutty, earthy flavor that is unique. Although olive oil is classically used to make aoli, I find the flavor of extra virgin olive oil far too strong and bitter for this; however, I’ve never tried using a ‘light’ or naturally refined olive oil.


1. Put the egg, 2 Tbsps of lemon juice, mustard powder, and pinch of salt into your food processor or blender. Turn it on and let it go.


2. While the processor is going, measure out your cup of oil.


3. Now check out this food processor tip: have you ever noticed that the white push-down thingamajig in the top of the processor has a tiny little hole at the bottom? This was a brilliant innovation! All you have to do is pour your oil into the white thingy, and it will slowly drip into the rest of the ingredients as they are whizzing around. It needs to drizzle in slowly like this so the oil will emulsify – that’s the science magic of mayo.

IMG_3156Since the little hole in the machine is doing it for you, you can walk away and tend to other things. It will take a while, several minutes. There are no worries about over-emulsifying or anything. Go cook something, check your email, whatever.


If you’re using a blender, maybe it too has an awesome feature like this? Look around. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to stand at the blender and very, very, very slowly drizzle in the oil. Like, a really small stream. It will take a long time. I suggest investing in a food processor.


4. Finished product: homemade, creamy mayo. Taste it, and if you want to add more salt or some pepper, do it now then whir it around a little more to mix.

Other flavor additions: you could add some curry powder, chili powder, garam masala, garlic, basil, jalapeno, mustard – any flavor profile you want.


5. Use a scraper and put it in a container with a lid. Mark the date. The mayo will stay good as long as the batch of eggs it came from would.

And here’s the second food processor tip: Don’t bother scraping the mayo off the blade. Just scrape the sides of the bowl as best as you can, then return the blade to the bowl and put the bowl back onto the machine and turn it on. Voila – centrifugal force throws everything from the blade onto the sides the bowl, where you can easily scrape it into your container, and the blade ends up clean.

Enjoy! SO much better than storebought, for health and in flavor.


by × September 23, 2014 ×

SRSC hosts NCL Weightlifting Meet on Saturday, October 4th

We are excited to announce that the North Coast Weightlifting League‘s (NCL) fifth meet will be here at Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning on Saturday, October 4th from 2-4 pm. The NCL is a cooperative organization comprised of USA Weightlifting club gyms from Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties, with the goal of promoting the sport of weightlifting locally and providing opportunities for new lifters to compete.

Please come out to support our local weightlifters! Team SRSC will be represented by Haley Mills, Eric McCafferty, Lance Hagge, Andrew Meyer, and Devin Colwell, and they need your cheers and support to lift some big weights and go for PRs!

Here’s Haley at her first NCL meet:

We also need volunteers. We will provide on-the-spot training in all the jobs, as part of the mission of our league is to encourage growth of the sport and offer support to those new to it. Volunteering is a great opportunity to learn more about this Olympic sport that is practiced around the world.

Volunteer positions we need filled:

weigh-in attendants, male and female

Please help and be part of this great event! And please come out to watch and support Team SRSC and all the other local weightlifters!

For more info, email: or call (707) 542-7725. 20 lifters total. One session. All lifters weigh in 12-1 pm. Session starts 2 pm.



by × September 17, 2014 ×

Member Story: Judy Meyer

IMG_2761Starting in childhood, I have eaten healthy foods and exercised several times a week. Throughout my twenties and early thirties I kept fit and looked healthy.

The moment I turned 40, my body changed (rebelled) I noticed “love handles” and gaining a “muffin top.”

Even though I stepped up my exorcise routine, it had no effect on my changing shape.

Ten months ago, I joined Santa Rosa Strength and Conditioning. The instructor, Chaz, was knowledgeable about the complexity of the muscles and the body. She worked with me and helped change some of my habits.

I just turned 55. I feel strong, fit and flexible. Best of all the bulges went away!

-Judy Meyer
Private Training Member

by × September 13, 2014 ×